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The Wastewater Treatment Division is responsible for treating spent water from the City’s domestic, commercial, and industrial users. The treatment of wastewater is mandated by state and federal governmental entities. Said entities dictate type of treatment regulations that must be followed by the treatment plants. Said treatment regulations require the city to: (a) collect and treat all spent water from its assigned area community, (b) Remove pollutants found in wastewater, (c) produce an effluent free of disease causing organisms and/or pathogens, (d) reduce solids contents to an approved mandated limits,  (e) produce an effluent quality that can be reused for subject matter purposes.

Treatment of wastewater is essential to the receiving environment and the possible re-use by the downstream communities.


Tomas Hernandez

Wastewater Treatment Superintendent

Carl Scruggs

Senior Administrative Assistant

Santiago Aguilar

Plant Operations Supervisor

Rafael Castaneda

Plant Operations Supervisor

Daniel Castillo

Plant Operations Supervisor

Jessica M. Oviedo

Plant Operations Supervisor

Irma Segura

Office Assistant

Alonzo Diaz

Buyer I

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