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Setting up your water is an important step in any homeowners journey. We're here to help make the transition from one home to another easy.

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Read our tips to learn how to keep your water system clean and functioning properly

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Discover more about Laredo’s water and how you can help.

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Access your account on click2gov's website. Pay your bill, see your latest statement, read the details of your bill, etc.

Cease the Grease

Cease the Grease is our project to reduce grease in our sewer systems. Learn more about how to get rid of grease properly.

Understanding Your Bill

Utility bills can be confusing. Learn how to approach your latest statement and how you are being charged.

Toilets Are Not Trashcans

Toilets are not trashcans is our program to learn what shouldn't be thrown in the toilet. Learn more about these items and what you can dispose down the toilet.

Understanding Your Water Meter

When buying a home, no one stops and explains what a water meter is or how to read one. Learn how to approach your water meter.

Water Conservation Program

Learn how we're helping Laredo conserve water, helping future residents.

Transfer Your Account

Learn how to transfer your account from one home to another.


Learn about the current ordinances in place.

Want to Learn More About Laredo's Water?

The Laredo Water Museum is great for class trips or a learning opportunity for friends and family.

Want to Learn More About Laredo's Water?

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