The City Of Laredo requires commercial sites with sanitary sewer line improvements to televise all of its sanitary sewer line improvements. This inspection needs to be done and paid for before the Utilities Department releases any project’s Letter of Acceptance.

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The following is our CCTV Inspection procedure:

1. CCTV INSPECTION REQUEST FORM – Please fill out the following CCTV INSPECTION REQUEST FORM and submit to

2. SEWER LAYOUT ENGINEERING PLAN- Submit the sewer layout engineering plans for the project being inspected to

3. TENTATIVE WEEK – Once the first two requirements are submitted the Waste Water Collection Department will give the contractor a tentative week for the inspection to be done.

4. RESULTS –  CCTV inspection results will be reviewed by the Waste Water Collections Department and only sent out to the emails detailed on the request form.

  • If results pass please proceed to number 5.
  • If results fail please proceed back to number 1.

5. INVOICE – The contractor will receive an invoice by the Wastewater Collections Department. Payments are accepted at the Utilities Department (5816 Daugherty Ave. Laredo, TX 78041).

6. CCTV INSPECTION PASSED – The completion of the CCTV Sewer Inspection will be logged for reference to the Letter of Acceptance.