1. Provide An Irrigation Design

A City of Laredo registered Irrigator or Plumber must submit the Irrigation System Design to the Building Development Services Department via email to: bldgpermits@ci.laredo.tx.us; More Contact Information: (956) 794-1625. Click Here to view the registered Irrigators/Plumbers

2. Plumbing Permit

Building Development Services Department will issue an Irrigation Permit & then provide a copy to the Irrigator or Plumber, so they can post it at the jobsite.

3. Install of the Irrigation System

The Irrigator or Plumber is to install the residential irrigation system & the backflow preventer. (Note Disregard this step if there is an existing Irrigation System & Backflow Preventer).

4. Building Final Inspection

Building Development Services Department will conduct the final inspection of the existing or new irrigation system and backflow preventer

5. Register Backflow Preventer

Irrigator or Plumber must register the Backflow Preventer with the Water Pollution Control Division. Contact Info: (956) 721-2007 Click here to register the Backflow Preventer

6. Complete Irrigation Application

Customer must submit an online Web-base Irrigation Application to the Utilities Department More information Contact : (956) 721-2000. Click here to submit an Irrigation Application.

7. Receive a cost estimate

Customer must obtain an approved cost estimate via email by the Utilities Engineering Division Contact Info: (956) 721-2000

8. Complete new service application

Customer must submit an Web-base application for the new water irrigation service to the Utilities Customer Service Representative Contact Info: (956) 727-6402. Click here to submit a Utility Web-Based Application.

9. Payment & Work Order Sent

Customer must process the payment with the Utilities Customer Service Representative and then a work order will be sent for the work to be done.

10. Work Perform & Meter Installation

Complete the work order for the irrigation connection and the meter set installation (Note: The Irrigation Permit must be posted visible at the jobsite & the Backflow Preventer present in order for the meter installation.

11. Project Complete

Water Service for the Irrigation will begin. (Within 10 days the Irrigator must submit the final testing and Certification of the Backflow Preventer).

Irrigation Flow Chart