The Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing, approving, and inspecting all water and wastewater systems constructed for the City of Laredo. It also ensures their integrity by implementing the City’s standards and specifications in their design and construction phases. The Engineering Division provides management and contract compliance for the construction of the department’s capital projects.

Each project goes through a feasibility study of conceptual planning, preliminary design, cost estimates, funding source, design, bidding, construction, and acceptance of project. The Engineering Division handles all of these requirements through the use of its specialized staff members.

Diego Salinas, P.E.

Civil Engineer II

Oscar Martel

Engineering Associate II

Oscar Ramos

Engineering Associate I

Humberto Gutierrez

Engineering Associate I

Jonathan Guantos, EIT

Engineering Technician

Armando Maldonado

Construction Inspector

Esteban H. Garza Uresti

Construction Inspector

Jose Luis Garcia

Construction Inspector

Jose Toledo

Construction Inspector

Miguel Villa

Construction Inspector

Gerardo Garza

Administrative Assistant II

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